Wouldn't we all love to have a committed and loyal band of customers?

People we can count on to sign up for our events, hostesses who book again and again, people who share our name and contact info willingly?


The number one key to developing that kind of loyal following is to

 create memorable opportunities.


When people talk about you, your events, your ideas, are they excited and energized?


Or are you just offering what you think you should offer,

in the way you have heard other demos and consultants build their business?

While it is really good to have a strong starting point, after all, no need to recreate the wheel….but if we just do what everyone else is doing we have no flair, no mojo, no personality.

And memorable events come from INDIVIDUALITY

The more of yourself you can put into your business, your interactions with customers, your events, your downline training, the more memorable you are.

The more fun and entertaining your events are and the more people will share.

So take a good look at your personality and ask yourself,

"how can I make my business a better reflection of my gifts"

Not sure?



Start here:

1) Pick your fav color and make it your signature color in all you do

if you love hot pink, how about hot pink balloons at the check in table, hot pink napkins, hot pink name tags


2) Pick your fav all time snack and serve it at every event

swedish fish make the cut for me every time

3) Pick your fav quotation and put it at the end of every email

whether it is funny, deep, or inspiring it will help people connect to you

4) Pick your fav music and play it at every event

classical, pop, country…let your personality shine thru

these are super simple, but they will let you start to build a business that is unique to you, speaks of who you are and people will remember, "I love my consultant, she always has this great music playing and serves us licorice by the bag full"

what other people do to create their success story is a great starting point.


when you begin the journey towards your own uniqueness that is when you will create your success story