This morning we are hosting our teleconference called :"Your Downline, taking them from wanting to winning"


In it we talk about the diffferent types of consultants and demonstrators we have in our downline, what they want and how to help them succeed.

And here is the deal:

everyone is motivated by different things

and we need to find out what motivates them, what their big dream is.


Because if we look at our downline as only a means of satisfying our own big dream, well that is trouble in the making.

When our goals become the means for motivating our downline it can almost border on "manipulation". You know, dangling those carrots


to get them to sell more, recruit more, promote.

And as soon as we take away those carrots?

yep, big let down in behavior.

And that creates a hugely unstable downline which means a hugely unstable income for uplines


Well, what if we focused on what they wanted?

What if we inspired them to build a strong business, to make sound business decisions, to grow a profitable business?


Now that is a  steady and strong downline that is not dependent on you as an upline throwing out goodies to perform


If this is speaking to you

If you read this and think, yep, I need to change how I work with my downline.

Then we have 2 great options for you to check out

1) Building an Inspired Downline Teleconference Training

Wednesday, June 20th, 10 am central

This telelconference is for uplines who are really looking to make changes in how they are working with their downlines.

Cost is $15 and includes the teleconference, the recording and a PDF with daily, weekly and monthly to dos to build and inspired downline


2) Personalized Group Training Teleconference

This teleconference is just for your group. We will schedule it and share with them our 3 step series entitled "feed your soul, fill your pockets" to help them create profitable businesses that take away the need for you to dangle those carrots.

You get to inspire and cheerlead, they get to build strong businesses.

Cost is $30, one fee for any number of downline who participate, from 1 to 100's