One of the things I tell my downline all the time is

"Give Your Business the Respect it Deserves"

And after years and years of sayng that I still get the:

What exactly does this mean?


Well, here is the deal.

When we sign up for a direct sales compnay it is because we love the product.

In fact, a lot of us have signed up for more than one compnay because we love getting a great discount on products we love.

that is totally cool, nothing wrong with that at all.

Some demonstrators and consultants make the jump from just loving their product to wanting to build a business around that particular product and company.


And this is where things need to change.

Businesses make money

They know where their money comes from

Businesses are profitable

They don't exist just for a trip or some free product



So one of the tricks of being a business is identifying where you money comes from and how to make more of it.

Do just this one thing:

Keep track of how much money you make at each event.

Not how much product you sell, how much profit is in that event.

Once you have figured this out, it will change how you run your business COMPLETELY



If this idea entices you, intrigues you, makes you say "Hot Damn, I want to learn more about this!"

Then you need to join us for summer school.

I will not teach you how to earn a trip, promote or get free products.

I will teach you how to make more money

(I just got a vision of the Jimmy Fallon/baby commercials. Everyone wants more money….lol!!)

So if you're down with this new way to think of your business, you know, that it actually makes you money, check out summer school.

We have hundreds of consultants on board and would love to add you to the party!

Be Inspired!


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