Those of you who read us daily know I am a huge fan of systems.

Systems do what I call "automating" your business. You schedule all of your activities daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

This way you know exactly what needs to be done every day and you don't waste time spinning your wheels thinking about what needs to be done.

To me this is huge, because I know you can run a direct sales business that generates enough income to support your family in just a few hours every day.

I run my direct sales business, my consulting business, and my etsy store daily.

It is a lot to keep track of, but I get great "feel good" from each part and can't imagine giving one of them up.

And I have set up financial ear marks for the money I generate.

 We live on my direct sales income, my consulting business is my investment money, and my etsy store is my fun money for trips, shoes….

So organization is key, without I would fall behind. And I am the person who would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about all I have to do.

And really, that would make me cranky and not good for anyone


I am a busy and very productive girl, and I get a lot of questions about what my systems look like. What do I do everyday to run my business. So here is a quick overview:

6 am

Let the dog out, make coffee, get the dog breakfast, let the dog in

check email, business fb page and twitter

6:30 am

writing time: blog posts, fb updates, twitter, newsletters, emails to downline and customers, recognition cards, trainings

10:00 am

walk the dog


grab a shower and brunch


film videos

record audio trainings

1:30 pm

creative/crafting time


social media check in

5 pm

family/friend time


work out

8 pm

bath/learning time


last computer check: pinterest account

head to bed and read


So let's look at it a little closer

1) I am an idea girl so I wake up with lots running thru my mind. So I know writing frst thing lets me quiet the beast.

I have a master calendar that tells me what I will write each day: fb, newsletter, cards, etc. I stick to that very closely unless I have an idea that is consuming me


2) Exercise is so important to me. I don't think you can live a balanced life unless you take care of all of you. And moving every day is important. So I schedule it, otherwise I would work right thru it.


3) I like to "get in the mode" and will film a bunch of videos at once or tele trainings back to back.  It is one of those things that once you start going it is easier to do a bunch rather than one a day. I am sure you have things like that too


4) Both my direct sales business and my etsy store need some attention everyday and those early afternoon hours are the best for me


5) I can kill a couple hours on line like you can't believe. So I schedule my time. I hate ending a day and feeling like I haven't accomplished much, and that is what happens if I am not really strict with my computer time.


6) you can find me in the tub almost every night. I listen to all the tele trainings I download, watch training videos, etc. It is where I feed my business mind.

First, I love a bath. Second, I can get easily distracted so by listening and watching in the tub there really isn't a lot to distract me


7) Pinterest comes at the end of the day, I am sure I don't need to tell you why 🙂


Now, this is broad

There are a lot of specifics in my daily to do lists. My systems are what allows me to get everything done, work ahead and create the 2 big things that are important to me: flexibility and profitability in my daily life.


If you are struggling to get it all done

If you wake up every day thinking what should I do for my business today

or where do I start?

If you can't work out, go to  lunch, shop with friends, take vacations because you are "so busy"


our 2013 Success Planner is THE TOOL that can help you develop better systems, more calmness, productive days and a much more enjoyable life.


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