I have been in direct sales for well over 12 years.

And I can say my learning curve was steep 🙂


When it comes to being an upline, the number one thing I can tell you is that you will never make everyone happy, so you better make yourself happy.

That sounds very self focused, but that is not how I mean it, so stay with me….


When I first started, I was like everyone who comes in to direct sales. I wasn't looking to earn an income, and the money I made was kind of fun money.

I loved the business more than the creative side, so that is where I put my energy.

When I did decide to focus on building a business I chose to put a lot of the money I was earning into building my downline.

This I where my heart was.

This was my passion


I set up a lot of incentives for them because I knew the quickest way to build a business was to built a downline that was both wide and deep, Iwanted them selling and recruiting. So a lot of the money I made for the first couple years didn't go to buying stamps for myself,  it went towards product for my downline to reward them for reaching milestones I had established.

My goal was to build my downline quickly so I invested in that process by setting up incentives, goals, rewards, etc that fostered selling and recruiting by my downline


I also spend a lot of time training. and I trained everybody 🙂 I wanted everyone to have the tools to achieve whatever I set before them.


Well, 12 years later I am in a different place. With a downline of over 600, spread all over the country, it is not the cozy little family that I started with.

So now, while I still provide info and training to all, I only work one on one with those demos who are interested in working with me.

I love and appreciate all the demos in my Inkbig family. But most of them have an upline so they don't need me to hold their hand or be their emotional touchpoint in this business.


But I am here to offer assistance, share what I know, applaud their achievements, and give them opportunities.


Do they wish I was handing out stamp sets like they were water? Well, yeah, wouldn't you?


But I need to focus on what speaks to my heart.

I still get up and think every morning about what I can do for them to make their time in my downline fun and rewarding.

I love what I do and now my calling is to reach out and support all direct sellers. Because I believe  with all my heart this business is the answer to living the life of your dreams.

And there is plenty of room in the universe for us all to live an amazing life.


Be inspired!



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