I get a lot comments and question from consultants regarding what their uplines are or aren't doing


I hear from a lot of my clients that they feel their uplines don't give them the training, support, encouragement or recognition they would like.


The first thing I tell them is that your upline really owes you very little and has almost nothing to do with the level of success you can achieve in direct sales.


I am a great example of this.

I signed up and 6 months later my upline quit. And the people above her, her uplines, weren't really doing much.
So I was on my own. I don't think it slowed me down much, you can read about what I achieved here.

In fact blazing my own path is most likely what made me successful so fast. I didn't know how it was suppose to be done, so I really built a business that reflected my strengths.

So after I tell people that your upline doesn't "owe you" recognition, training, support (btw, no one likes to hear that) the next thing I tell them is that the key to having a good upline is being a good downline (which goes over even better!)


So here are the 4 keys to being a good downline

1) Embrace what is given you
When your upline does offer a training, an incentive, event, be apart of it. By becoming involved you can help shape the tone and conversation to create the environment. Participate, show up, lend your voice.

Complaining that is is not done the way you think it should helps no one.

2) Share your passion
If there is something you are good at, share it. Maybe your upline is good at business , but not meetings, maybe she can sell but she can't train. Maybe she is creative but not tech savvy.

How do your skills fit into what she is offering. It can be as simple as "hey Susie I just created this great hostess checklist, would you mind if I shared it with the group?"

Generosity is contagious, be the first to give.

3) Don't be critical
It is too easy to criticize the person above you for not providing what you think they should. You don't know their life, their goals, their dreams, their struggles. Your uplines job is not to provide what you think she should, rather it is to offer what she can.

And being a gossip, spreading negative energy thru the group will undermine your upline and you will in the end get less of an experieince rather than more. And you look bad, mainy because you are being bad.

If you are passionate about the way something should be done then build your own downline and create it with them.

And trust me, there will be people in your downline who think you are not doing it right. How would you want them to treat you?

4) Appreciate
Not everyone is a leader.

Not everyone got into direct sales to become a leader.

Often times people find themselves in a little over their head. So appreciate what is offered, say thank you.

Whether your upline earns $100 a month or $10,000 a month she doesn't owe you anything. She makes her money by following the plan set out by the company just like you do.

If you want more, then you need to do more

So bottom line:

get involved , be a positive voice, add value and be kind and you will get far more back from the experience than you think possible.

When we embrace life with a what can I give attitude rather than a what can I get attitude, we have the power to change not only our life, but the lives of those around us!


Be Inspired!



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