I work with a lot of consultants from a variety of direct selling companies.

In fact right now I have one on one consults, round 2 of 30 Day Inkbig Business Booster, and 30 Day Pimp my Blog going on.

And we have started our "Great Spring Tour", so I am out on a lot of weekends talking to downlines and groups of consultants.


And the one thing so many people have in common is the "just tell me how….." comment


just tell me how to get more bookings

just tell me how to get sales from my blog

just tell me how to get my downline to recruit

just tell me how ……


you get the idea, right?


The good thing is I do have answers to all these questions, but it is never that easy.

I can tell you exactly how to get bookings, recruits, more from your downline, sales from your blog, but I can't do the work for you.


So what allows some people to take the info and create a rockin profitable business while other  just spin their wheels?

The most important question I ask people is "Why you doin' this?"


And if your why is big and grand and motivating, then your business will be big and grand and motivating.

So before you put any more work into your business, ask yourself:

"Can I make my WHY bigger?"

"Can I make my WHY grand?"


Because your life is meant to be big and grand and motivating.

Own It!

You only get one, so go all in!


Be Inspired!



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