One of the first things I look at when working with a new consultant is what here average sales per person is at her events. (you know yours of course, right?)


This number is important because it is one of the first things we can look at to change that will bring a really fast return and increase profitability.


So let's say your average sale per person is $45.

So our goal would be to increase that to $55. Once we hit that number consistently we would head to $65.


Think about that. If you do 2 parties a month with 8 people at each party and the average sale is $45, your party total is $360

When you raise your average sale per person to $65, each party is $520.


Over the course of a year, with just 2 parties a month, it looks like this:

$45 average:  $8640 in yearly sales

$65 average: $13,440 in yearly sales


That is an increase of $4800 in sales with no extra work.

and if you added just one party each month, it would mean an extra $11,520 in sales each year.

Now that sounds pretty sweet to me.


So how do we go from $45 per person to $65 per person?


Kits are products that you have partnered together to make shopping easier and faster for your customers.

Here are 2 of my favorite kits:


1) Starter Kits

People who are just being introduced to your products can be completely overwhelmed and when that happens often times they buy nothing.

By creating 3 levels of starter kits you make it easy for them to purchase the first time they encounter your products.

I name my kits: "Just Getting Started" "Digging These Products" "I Want it All"


2) Product Kits

Put kits together around your best selling products.

If product A is a big seller, make it the focal point of a kit and add on 3-4 items that will help me make the most of that product.

This way when people buy that product, which you know they will because it is one of your top sellers, they will also buy the add ons which adds to your sales dollars


Put together kits for your customers and watch your sales increase, your profitability increase, and your $$ per hour increase!


Let's DRIVE those sales!!



Be Inspired!



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