This past weekend Katt and I had the pleasure of training a group of Stampin'Up! demonstrators on both business basics and incorporating social media into their direct sales business.


It was an amazing group of women who were very committed to learning and growing their business. They were engaged, focused and asked awesome questions.


But as always, the best chat happended in line in the bathroom, in line for lunch and the casual conversation during breaks.


And those casual conversations all led to the same theme:

People were scared/nervous/anxious/intimidated to embrace making changes in their business.


And I get it, I totally get it.


Everyone is scared at times.

But if we let the fear paralyse us, our business is headed for trouble.

So here is what I want you to know.

Change is always scary because we are walking into the unknown.

But we have done scary things before.

We have gone to school, gotten married, had kids, started new jobs. That is all scary stuff because it is big change and big risk.



And we need to embrace that same bravery when we work our business.

The end results of growing and changing our business, staying relevant has HUGE payoffs.


So embrace the fear, acknowledge it.

But know that if we work thru it we can build the business we have always wanted, and have the lifestyle that allows us to do big things, the things we were meant to do.


I am excited to walk this path to success with you.

I hope you are excited too

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Be Inspired!



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