So today I want you to think about a new way of looking at your direct sales business.

I am telling you that when you embrace this new way of looking at your goals and successes, you will achieve a business that both feeds your soul and creates real opportunities for you to make a difference.

Most direct sales companies have very established incentive plans for their consultants that include trips, vip service, titles, free product and more. These are designed to keep you focused on the activities that the corporate office has deemed as important for their success.

And there is nothing wrong with this in the big picture. You can read more about how I feel about these “dangling carrots” here.

My biggest issue is how it affects how many choose to run their business.

When we focus on rewards and accolades as a definition of success in direct sales it can create a scarcity mentality. Only so many peple can be in the top ten, yep that’s right only 10 🙂


And how many of that number are in your downline? If you are lucky, one. For most people the answer is none.

My big issue here is it leads us to think that there is not enough success to go around. So if I find something that really works in my business I certainly am not going to share it. What if it gives someone else a step up?

I have even found this to be true in the clients I coach. They are hesitiant to share even with their own downlines, because this false “success” is so ingrained in them.

The other part of fousing on these recognition programs as a measure of success is that it can lead people to bad business practices in order to achieve the trip, the ranking, the title.

So many times I have been at events and heard people talk about all the discounts, giveaways, and incentives it took to get them there.

They may have earned a trip, a spot in the top ten, a new title, but they aren’t making any money!

and this is where the problem comes in.

We need to start defining success as being profitable.

Here is why this works so much better:

 Everyone can be profitable.

this means everyone can succeed.

And when there is enough success to go around, we shift from a scarcity thinking to a feeling of abundance. I am eager and open to share what is working for me be cause we can both be successful.

Your success does not diminish my success.

We will create a culture of support, sharing, a sisterhood of success rather than rivalry.

And here is a real “big picture” thought:

Earning titles, trips, rankings, etc is very focused on what I can gain.

It is a “what’s in it for me” focus.

but when you change your thinking to look at how can I be profitable, it opens up possibilities.

Because in each of us is what I call a BIG DREAM.

Maybe right now that dream is to pay the mortgage each month, or put your child thru college, or save for retirement.

And if you go even deeper I know we all have a greater purpose for being here.

Causes and issues that are very near and dear to our heart.

 When you focus on the 2 most important things direct sales can give you: flexibility and profitability,

 you will be able to create a lifestyle that truly speaks to your heart in which you can afford to give of your time and money to support, organize, become a voice in the issues that real touch your soul.

so what do you think?

you ready to change your idea of success?

You ready to create a business and life that isn’t about achieving recognition, but is about living the BIG DREAM we all have in us?

You can listen to more of this idea here:

And I want you to know this is what Summer School is all about.

It is about creating that Big Dream, figuring out how to get there, building a business that speaks to your soul and gets you fired up everyday.

If you are ready to make the switch and live the life you were intended, then you belong in our Summer School.

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