So I have already spilled the beans that I have a tough time keeping my focus during the beauty of summer.

SummerI have routinely shown up with quite the tan that makes it look like I never work

But I am also a worker bee. This mama likes to work and not a day goes by that I don't get my work done. I just have to find the right balance to get 'er done!


The number one key for me is to know that if I am spending time doing things I love, it is much easier to stay focused and get it all done.

Think about your kiddos. Getting up early for school is a pain, but getting up early on the weekend with a free morning and man, are they ready to go!

Now you know I have a big time opinion on the importance of getting an assistant as soon as you can. You can read all about that here


Not only does it allow you to spend the time on the things that are revenue producing in your business, but here is the even bigger idea:

We don't have to do it all


Because the reality is that you can't be great at everything.

So we end up trying to be good at everything. 

And you really master nothing. And that is a tough spot to be in.

Your business will only grow into a great success when you realize what you are great at and build your business around that idea.


and to keep going on with that idea, you need to spend time doing what you are great at to set yourself apart and feel soul satisfied in your business.


So this summer find a way to spend your business time doing what you love, what you are great at.

There are plenty of kids, students, clients, customers who would love to earn a little money or free product from you that will free some time up for you to spend your precious focus on the activities that you love, speak to your soul and make your business unique and special


Be Inspired!



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