I love summer.


I am one of those girls who loves heat, sun, the beach, the cabin, fireflies.

and with living in Wisconsin, well summer weather doesn't stick around that long. So I try to soak up ALL I can for as long as I can.


My favorite part of summer has always been the kids' schedule change.They are busy, but with no homework or having to wake them early for school it just relaxes everyone.

Waking them early for golf seems to go a lot smoother 🙂


But, man summer schedules can mess up my business.

With the kids home I don't have those big uninterrupted blocks of time.

And with my "summer vacation" mentality….

well, let's just say I need to be very disciplined to get it all done.


So this week I want to share with you some ideas that can help you keep your business rolling along even in the summer months

1) Create 15 minute tasks

I like to create boxes and bags that contain 15 minute tasks. For me this is writing postcards to new downline or customers, my downline congratulation cards, receipt filing, projects, etc.

When I head out the door I grab one of these baskets or bags and I can get a little bit done while the kids are at the park or I am waiting to pick them up


2) Create "Work Chunks"

sometimes I can work all day and feel like I got nothing done. And that makes me crabby and unsatisfied.

the best thing I have found is to work on ONE thing for 2 hours.

It might be writing blog posts

Or Newsletters

Doing audio or video training


by doing one thing for a longer period of time I can get 3 posts written or a month of newsletters, 4 audio trainings or a couple videos.

It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and I don't have to go back to that "task" for a couple days or weeks.


3) Be Wise with your Customer time

Our customers are busy thru the summer as well. There are 2 ways to stay in touch with them and not take up too much of their time or your time

First, make sure your blog  and facebook are piled with info during the summer, along with strong calls to action. Your customers may not have time to attend an event but they still want to know what is going on and want to purchase from you

Second, pick one or two weekends during the summer that you will hold events and double/triple those up.

I am not a fan of working every weekend in the summer.

But I can take one Saturday and do a special hostess event, a stamp camp and a downline event.

One day, 3 events, good use of my time and my customer/downline time


So those are my first 3 tips to keep your business cranking this summer,

leave me a comment below with how you make summer work for you or if you have questions you need answered about running your biz in these dreamy summer days!


Be Inspired!



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