So as you know I have a high school  senior and a college freshman.

Remember those summers back then?


They are so busy and it feels like I have one big revolving door, perpetual coming and going.



Late Nights

Let's be honest, I can feel a little jealous some days


But that is when I need to remind myself that this is my business and if I am not digging it, well I only need to look in the mirror to place some blame, right

So here is how I make sure this mama has her share of fun and frolic during the summer:

1) Plan some fun

trips to the lake, baseball games, girls' getaway, concerts on the square, fires in the back yard.

I abide by the "if you're not having fun it's your own damn fault"


2) Laser focus Work Time

you know my slight obsession with planning and to do lists. Indulge me by reading about how to rock your to do list here

If I want to create the feeling of freedom during the summer months I need to be sure to really work that list and be wise about how I spend my time


3) Indulge in Dream Time

The summer vibe is the perfect time to re-evaluate and re-think your business.

Are you on track?

Are you feeling the passion in your business?

Are you spending more time doing what you are great at and less time on the "other stuff"?


We know the Fall season is just a few shorts weeks away and we will ramp back up. There just isn't a lot of time for reflection when we are doing 100 miles an hour.

So here is the big question to gnaw on this summer:

Do you want to get by in your business or do you want to thrive?

And where are you in that journey?


If you need a little help/nudge/push join us for Summer School.

Starts June 3rd

Runs 8 weeks

Trust me, you will get clear.

I think of it like cleaning out your closet. You need to get rid of some of the old crap that you have kept for too long and no longer fits who you are in order to make room for the great new stuff.

You up to it?

Today is the last day to sign up

Do it


Be Inspired!!



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