I am one of those geeks who love personality tests. Maybe it is my strong ego :), that I love to read and learn more about why I do what I do.

But I think knowledge about what makes you tick, what makes the people around you the way they are, and what your personality will make you good at is important and cool stuff.


To be happy and fulfilled by our work it is critical to spend the majority of our time on things that are true to self.

Every personality test I have ever taken points to what I do today.

I am an extrovert

I love to teach

I have to be my own boss


Those aren't bad thing, but if I put myself in a job working for someone else, in a cubicle, on numbers all day, well I would be the worst employee ever.

Here's the deal:

We have all picked to build a business in direct sales, and you can't be good at everything. But if you can figure out where your talents are, what you are naturally good at, it can really help you identify why you struggle in certain areas and where your energy is best focused.


So take this Meyers Briggs test to determine what personality type you are.


Depending on your personality type you probably need some help to keep your business going.

Let’s say you struggle to come up with ideas. You just need to find an idea person. (Look for an ENTP.) Let’s say you have a million ideas, but you never act on any of them. Partner with someone who is phenomenal at getting things done, day in and day out. (Find anINTJ) Maybe you already have ideas, but you can’t figure out how to market them. You need someone who understands what people want and how to sell it to them. (Look for an ENFJ.)

(btw, I am an ENFJ)

Embrace your strengths

Surround yourself with people who can support your weaker areas

The more you know, the more you understand

Always be learning!


Be Inspired



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