So this past weekend was the Masters,


 one of the greatest golf tournaments played each year. It is rich in tradition, and steeped in emotion.


Now I am a sports girl, so sports stories of hard work, challenge and victory really pull my heart strings. I think there are such great analogies between sports and business.


And here is what I saw this weekend:

1) Everybody Needs Someone in Their Corner

As the golfers move from hole to hole they talk with their caddie. Their caddie helps them work thru what kind of shot they are looking to hit, what club to use, etc. I heard one caddie say to Phil Mickelson, "wait for the wind you want".

It brought tears to my eyes.

Think if you had someone in your corner who was that committed to your success?


2) Everybody, even the Pros, make BIG mistakes

going into Sunday's final round, Phil Mickalson was tied for first place. He hit a bad drive. A pretty bad drive. And he had to make some decisions on what to do next.

He could have done a "do over" (it would have cost him 3 strokes)

Or he could play it from where it was and take his chances.

He decided to play it from where it was. It didn't go so well.

Hindsight is 20/20, but he probably could have done better if he had started over.

He made his decision and played it thru.

Even someone who makes millions of dollars as an elite athlete makes huge mistakes. I am pretty sure he will replay that in his mind for a few weeks to come.

but it doesn't make him less of a golfer, or a person.


3) Everyone Needs to be Ready to Step Up

Louis Oosthuizen was not leading going in to the last day. But he played one big hole that changed the day for him. In fact, that hole propelled him into a tie for first place and a playoff to decide the winner.

Louis Oosthuizen had put in the work. He prepared himself for success.

You never know what opportunities are around the corner. So the real question is are you ready to step up when you your chance comes?


4) Everybody has a Shot

Bubba Watson won the Masters.

He didn't have the greatest shot of the day.

He didn't have the greatest hole of the day. 

Some good holes, some not so good holes. But overall he was consistent, steady, even.

And when he was heading into what would be the biggest shot of his life, he and his caddie said their thought was, " If I have a swing, I've got a shot"

So even though it wasn't the most impressive shot at the Masters on Sunday, Bubba Watson would likely call it the most impressive shot of his life.

In fact, it was such an improbable win for him that after he said, " I've never had a dream go this far so I can't even say it is a dream come true."

And now he is a Masters champion


Bubba Watson put himself in the position to win the Masters by playing an even, consistent round of golf on Sunday.

He won the Masters by making the shot of a lifetime.


And here is what I think we can all take away:

Surround yourself with people who are committed to your success

Mistakes hurt, but they don't define you

Prepare yourself daily to step up when your time comes

When you have a shot, make it count


Be Inspired!



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