May 23, 2012:  It has been brought to our attention that for some of you, (depending on what browser you use) the audios are all starting at once and you get a cacophony of noise when you open this page- we are so sorry about that!

   After talking to my computer guru (my husband) he has informed me that NO, indeed all browsers do NOT interpret HTML the same.   oh grrrrr!

I am working on this problem and hope to fix it ASAP!  In the meantime, a quick fix is to click the pause buttons on each audio stream to stop the playback.  then hit play only for the audio you want to hear.  I will fix this as soon as I can- thank you for yor patience!


Day 1: Find the Love

Day 2: The “What It Takes” Attitude

Day 3: Going Pro

Day 4: Show Me the Money

Day 5: Goals vs. Intentions

Day 6: Own Your Time

Day 7: Be Open For Business

Day 9: How I Am Open For Business

Day 10: Consistently Creating Customers

Day 11: Creating V.I.P’s

Day 13:



Day 14:



Day 15:



Day 16: