as many of you know, I was on a family vacation last week.


we grabbed our college age kids, they each grabbed a friend and we hit the road to Gulf Shores, Alabama.


It was a wonderful get away, complete with beach, sun, fun, shopping, great food and family time.


Sometimes it can feel like we fill those precious vacation weeks with so much that we actually come back a little tired and that "just can't wait to take vacation again" feeling.


As direct sellers, we have a unique opportunity to design our time and our weeks how we want. And I think sometimes we forget that this can be one of the biggest draws to those looking to build a direct sales business.

So when you are scheduling all your tasks and intentions this week, don't forget to create some "vacation" in your every day.


Going to the gym, yoga or a walk with a friend

Cooking a great meal or heading out to a favorite restaurant

Enjoying the outside, a cup of coffee on the patio or a hike in the woods

Special one on one time with family members

Coffee, lunch or shopping with a friend


It seems a waste to me to work so hard all year long for a couple of weeks a year of doing what we want.

Now there is no question that in direct sales we certainly have to work to succeed, but we own our time. We need to step out of the "busy life" and live the life everyone is working so hard to achieve. That's right, there are people out there who want what you have!


Your freedom in choosing when and how to work is an awesome benefit of direct sales, but only if we embrace it. And once you start adding a little vacation to every day, make sure you share that with your customers.


What potential recruit wants to hear how busy you are? That doesn't make me say, "really, tell me more! Sounds like what I want in my life!"

So be sure you are living it and talking about the benefits of every day being vacation thanks to your direct sales business


Be Inspired!



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