Recently I wrote a post that has gotten more emails and questions than any other.

It covered my thoughts on how many of you are blogging and your blogs are not generating any orders or money. You can read it here.


A lot of the people I heard from are having similiar struggles.

Their blogs are beautiful. They have a good basic understanding of how to use Social Media to market themselves. But they are missing something and can't seem to put their finger on it.

If is extremely frustrating to be doing so many things right and not be generating any income from all their hard work.


After a brief discussion with each of them we were able to pinpoint exactly what needed to be changed. It was one of those delightful "aha, lightbulb moments" . They are all super excited, focused, and motivated. I can't wait to see how quickly their business changes!


With their excitement high, more than one of them suggested I offer BLOG EVALUATIONS as part of my social media training opportunities. BRILLIANT!


So here it is:


InkBig Blog Evaluations

1) email us at to sign up

2) include a link to your blog

3) we will email you a questionnaire to fill out

4) upon completion we will schedule a 30 minute phone call to discuss our ideas/suggestions

5) you will receive a written evaluation with the how/when/why of blog changes we recommend to create income and orders from your blog immediately


I can't stress enough:

if you are blogging and not generating sales and income, get help!

You are in BUSINESS and if blogging (which takes tons of time and energy) is not generating revenue you either need to fix it or just stop and put your limited energies somewhere else.


We have lots of ways to help.

But if you are looking for direct, pointed, completely personalized help and a guide to your business struggles, this BLOG EVALUATION is the answer for you.


And you get it for just $25.

$25 that will change your business

Make you profitable.

and most importantly make you proud of what you are doing.


Email us at to get started today and see changes by the weekend!


Be Inspired!



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