One of the most important things I train my consulting clients on is the importance of branding in their direct sales business.


Too often in direct sales, consultants think of themselves as just needing to market the company they belong to.  But if that is all you are doing, how can you ever differentiate yourself from all of the other people who work for your direct sales company?

And if you can't make yourself stand out, if you don't offer something unique, why should anyone go to your blog vs someone else's?


Along with that idea, don't just duplicate the efforts of someone who has created success for themselves. There is nothing unique in offering the same thing AND if they are successful in what they are doing why would their readers and followers follow you and not the successful person?

They were here first and have already built a following.


So where does that leave you?

You need to answer the question:

  • What do I offer that no one else offers?
  • What makes me different and unique?

You are not just forwarding the brand of Stampin'Up!, Silpada, Tastefully Simple, etc.


You are developing your own brand, your own unique voice.


When you can pinpoint what your unique brand is, what you stand for, what you deliver to your customers and readers that makes you stand out, then you will succeed in making social media a successful component of your direct sales business.


Be inspired!



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