Content marketing is a huge buzz word in blogging.

when I consult clients on their Direct Sales and Social Media plans, we spend a lot of time talking about Content Marketing.

What it is

How to use it to build followers

How it can generate BIG sales thru their blog



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Here's a little sneak peek:

think of the blogs you like to read.

I am going to bet that they aren't a steady stream of "BUY HERE,  BUY NOW", which is what I see on a lot of direct sales blogs when I start my consults.


You read them because they provide either humor, thoughtfulness, helpful tips, new insights or if we are lucky a combination of these things.

Your direct sales blog needs to provide those same things.

Here is the phrase my clients here over and over again:

Focus on small actionable steps that your readers can implement for free to make their interaction with your products more fun and easier. Your goal is to make their life better. This is Content Marketing.

You are providing great content that makes them want to come back to your blog over and over again.


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