On one of my last posts I talked about the importance of attitude in building a direct sales business.

And it is 100% true, you won't succeed with out it.


But there is a second part to being successful



Successful systems build successful businesses


(really too cute of a pic!! I love days when I feel like this)


Systems are the key to success because they take all the guesswork out of your daily business to do lists.

in my InkBig 30 day Business Booster that starts April 1st, I share all of my systems that created a hugely successful direct sales business.

Now, just because they work for me doesn't mean they are the perfect answer to your business.

but I hope they give you a place to start.


When designing your systems, you want to make them automatic.

For example:

* what is your customer follow up after someone places an order

* what is your hostess coaching

* what do you do with each recruit

* who do you call, when and why

* what kind of events do you offer every month or every quarter


By creating a system of success for your individual business you will find that it totally eliminates the "what to do today" or wasting time getting ready to do business.


Building and running a successful direct sales business doesn't take 8 hours a day. When you organize your time, energy, supplies, and to do list you can achieve BIG things in just a few hours a week.


If you want to know my systems, sign up for our InkBig 30 Day Business Booster.

Starts April 1, 2012


Or make sure you find time to define and set up systems that you want to implement.

It will save you time, re-energize your business, and create consistent success


Be inspired!



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