I was on a coaching call today with one of my clients and we started talking about business cards.

Personally I am not a big fan of business cards. I don't think they really get the job done.


If I give you my business card, you need to keep it, you need to remember where you put it, you need to pull it out, and you need to use it.

So how many business cards to you actually use?

not many, right?


So I don't think you should ever rely on a business card to help you generate business.

You are much better off developing a system of collecting information from your potential clients: name, address, email and phone number.

If you give out your business card, you are waiting for them to contact you.

If you collect their information, you can initiate contact when the time is right for that person, when you have something of great value for them. (I would also ALLOWS follow up with a "so nice to meet you" email right away)


So whetherit is a notebook you carry, index cards, or jot it on your phone, remember that it is critical that you not rely on your business card to grow your customer base.

Fiercely own growing your customer base and you will see big changes!


Be Inspired!



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