Recently one of my clients shared a comment with me that one of her colleagues had made:

 " I hope your training with Lisa works. I know a lot of us who are blogging and not making any money with it."

And she is right.


Almost all direct sales companies have a huge percentage of their business building consultants who blog. And very few of them are seeing any direct correlation to their sales dollars.


So why is this?

1) They have no direction

Most Direct Sales Companies realize the importance of social media but they don't have a training program in place to help their demonstrators know where to spend their time and money to build an on line presence.

So you might love rubber stamps, shoes, candles, kitchen items, etc, and you might be great at selling them in traditional ways, but that doesn't mean you have the skills or knowledge to master social media.

So many consultants, with great intentions, are spending time and energy in the wrong place, on the wrong things, and getting no bang for their buck


2) They have no unique voice

Let's say there are 40,000 consultants in your Direct Sales company and 5,000 of them attempt some type of social media: facebook, twitter, blogging, pinterest, etc

If everyone is sharing what their corporate home shares, how does anyone stand out?

Why should people read your blog, look to you for their answers, and trust you with their purchases if you are offering the same thing everyone else does?

So even if what you are doing is done well, you are going to have a tough time standing out from the crowd if it is just a regurgitation of what your company offers.

Remember, they are busy branding themselves, you need to be busy branding YOU!


3) They don't understand the HOW of social media


Social media is not one big billboard.

Too many people view social media as their opportunity for free advertising

"This month's special…"

"Great deal on our hostess kit…."

"Looking for 5 lucky hostesses…."

and they use their blog and personal facebook page to share all these great specials.

Social Media is built on something called "content marketing".

What can you share with your customers that will cost them no money that will make the use of your product more fun and their life more enjoyable, beautiful, stress free, etc.

Social media is an opportunity to define yourself in the market place, build your brand, become seen as an expert.

And if all of these things are done right you will develop a following who love and honor what you bring to the discussion because you have put them first.

Not your sales.

Not your recruiting.

You have put your customer first and so when it comes time to make a purchase they will choose you. And they will let their friends know how awesome you are.

And your following will build


So what is the take away for those of you who are committed to successfully building your social media and direct sales business

1) Stop doing it unless you are willing to do it right. If it is not making you money you are wasting your very precious time that should be focused elsewhere

2) Define your unique voice. What will make you stand out from everyone else out there

3) Build your brand. You are not Stampin'Up! or Tastefully Simple or Silpada. You are Suzy Stamper, Betty Baker, or Jane Jewelry.

4) Focus on being the best person to solve all your customer's problems, answer all their questions, and enrich their lives


AND #5

Get the Help and Direction you need

If you are spending time, energy and money and not getting results doesn't it seem right to get some help?

To me it is like dieting and exercising and not losing any weight. If that is the case I am going to find someone who can help me.


We have the tools that can make a difference.

Whether you want to read about how to do it, work one on one with a trainer, be a part of on line trainings, or see us in person, know that we are 100% committed to you doing it right, generating revenue, and achieiving your dreams.

We have already achieved great success in direct sales AND social media, let us help you.

c'mon, how much time are you going to spend doing something that isn't working?

You can check out our tools here

Here is a testamonial from one of our clients:

"I knew I should be blogging and all that stuff but I was intimidated by the technical side of it. And what I was doing, well it all seemed like a big waste of time. No one was reading, and no one was ordering. After reading your books I was embarrassed to say I was doing almost everything wrong. You helped me make the changes I needed to and in less than a month I started getting orders online. My customer list has doubled and I know I can do this." –Karen M


Be Inspired!



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