Recruiting is a vital component of Direct Sales.

I think of it in this way:

sales generates income now

recruiting builds income forever


If you are only tapping into the sales income of your compensation plan, when you have a bad sales month your income is wiped out.

But when you recruit and build a team you will develop a steady stream of income regardless of your own monthly sales.

Recruiting isn't hard, but it is a definite mind set.

And the first thing we need to embrace to become a rock star recruiter is that the more people you get in front of, the more people you will recruit.


As much as you love your product and believe in the opportunity, it isn't the right choice for everyone. Not all of your best customers will make good consultants. So you need to make sure you are offering the opportunity to a lot of people.


Here are 3 Great Ways to Get in Front of More People

1) Make sure your calendar is full

the "old fashion" way of doing parties, workshops, classes is so important to make sure you meet new people.

By committing to one event each week you will get to meet new people on a regular basis. And this is so important because you will get better about talking about the business  opportunity the more you do it.

2) Craft or Vendor Fairs

I recommend doing one of these each quarter.

These events can allow you to meet 100's of new people. Both the people who stop by your booth and the other people who have rented space.

3) Social Media

thru blogging, facebook, twitter and pinterest you can reach 100's of people every day



It doesn't matter how good your story is or how great the offer is if you aren't sharing it regularly with a lot of people.

So commit to taking control of your calendar and filling it with activities that put you in a position of meeting a lot of new people regularly.

This is the first step to becoming a rockstar recruiter


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