I am a huge believer in using every tool possible to grow and make your Direct Sales business as profitable as possible.

Social media is all about building relationships, and funny thing, so is direct sales!

A strong social media presence can be done in 15 minutes a day and is the perfect compliment to your face to face direct sales business.

And if you are going to do it, let’s make sure you do it right.


Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all tools we can use to expand our reach, build our customer base, and solidify our relationships with exisitng customers.


You invest in your business by going to trainings and conventions.

Why not invest your time to learn about social media and the benefits you will reap for your business and team?


Here is what some of our clients have to say:

from Susie M

“After a year of blogging with no results, I read your book (Social Media and Your Direct Sales Business) and was shocked with how many things I was doing wrong. I have started making the changes you suggested and have seen huge changes, including getting comments on my blog for the first time”


from Jodi R


“What struck me most about the book (Social Media and Your Direct Sales Business) was the emphasis on relationship building. Social Media is NOT free advertising, but a way to ENGAGE your customers be being a source of ideas and information”


from Joan H

“I am so glad I signed up for this boot camp!!!! You have completely changed my business and I am making money!! YES!”


So here are our tools to help you build your business:

Direct Sales and Social Media E-Book

Your customers and future customers read blogs, have facebook pages, and hang out on twitter. And if you are not there, you are missing out on opportunities to connect with them.

Even more importantly, if you are doing it wrong you are wasting your time and energy because you are not getting the results you deserve for the investment you have made.

Answer these 2 questions:

Do you post business stuff on your personal facebook page?

Do you promote your company’s sales and promotions in your posts?

If you answered yes to either of these you are breaking 2 of the Direct Sales/Social Media rules and are costing yourself sales and recruits BIG TIME

Our E-Book will walk you thru step by step exactly how to set up and run your business facebook page, blog, and twitter account to support your face to face direct sales business to create amazing results.

You have invested in trainings, conventions, and leaderships to fine tune your skills. Isn’t it time you invest a week’sworth of Starbucks to own your on-line presence?


Direct Sales and Blogging E-book: Make Your Blog Stand Out From the Crowd  

Your blog is your home base.

How do you come up with topics to blog about?

How do you make your blog different?

How do you create loyal readers?


Our E-Book “Make Your Blog Stand Out” will walk you thru step by step how to engage readers, turn them into customers, and make sure your blog really works to support your face to face direct sales business.

Direct Sales and Pinterest E-Book

Everyone LOVES Pinterest!

What are the keys to marketing your business on Pinterest?

What are Pinterest’s rules and how do they affect you?

What is the best way to get in front of their 3.3 million users?

Pinterest is a must have for your business, so let’s make the most of your time and brand


Social Media Boot Camp

How do you stand out from the 40-50,000 consultants who do exactly what you do?

This 90 day program is a complete on line one on one training in which I will personally walk you thru the process of creating an online brand that will attract followers, fans, and customers.


I work with you 2x a week for 90 days as we go thru questionairres, worksheets, cheat sheets and how tos to create and fine tune a social media plan that speaks to who you are and what your goals are.


Social Media Group Training

The first of each month we begin an on line month long Group Social Media Training

Up to 6 demonstrators/consultants take part in weekly phone trainings that will walk you thru the most critical aspects of direct sales and social media.

You will learn the do’s and don’ts along some quick and easy tips to make sure you are on the right track in your blogging, facebook, and twitter worlds.




Pimp My Blog Mini Course

We have developed an awesome training to give you step by step direction on creating content on your blog that will:

create enthusiastic blog readers

convert these readers to newlsetter subscribers

have your newsletter subscribers do the advertising to grow your subscriber list

generate daily dependable sales from your newsletter


I know, you are thinking, Lisa, ” I have tried it before and didn’t get any or much of a response”.

Well, I will bet you haven’t done it with my step by step fail proof directions!


We have created a step by step mini course “Pimp My Blog” training that will radically change

how you blog

what you blog about

the purpose of your newsletter

and most importantly the results of your blog and newsletter.

If you are blogging and not generating sales you are missing key components.


What do you know about:

leads, lists and leverage

call to action

killer offers

creating value

repurposing content


There truly is a formula and once you learn it you can repeat it over and over to create significant and steady sales from your blog.


Ok, so here is what you get in the “Pimp my Blog” training

a 40 page mini course that:

1) you can work thru at your own pace

2) provides you with step by step directions to create a blog people want to read

3) help with marketing your blog to get more readers

4) how your unique voice can generate big sales



And here is what I know:

everyone who has worked with me on redesigning their blog/newlsetter content has had HUGE growth in their business.

Here is a smidge of what they say:

“I can’t believe the time I was putting in and getting nothing. The changes I made the first week resulted in sales. I have never had sales from my blog before”


“I doubled the number of my newsletter subscribers with just one newsletter”


“I thought I wasn’t successful because I wasn’t creative enough to compete with everyone else out there. But once you taught me to refocus what I was blogging about I saw immediate response from my readers. And they actually are buying from me”

Cost is only $30 for the entire course



Inkbig Direct Sales Business Booster Mini


this course contains my “secrets” I have used to rain my own downline and run my own business that will help you learn:

how to find 100’s of new

how to get people to host their own

how to get more people at each

how to get each person to bring
friends to increase your customer base fast

how to get each person to spend
$30-$40 more dollars on each order

how to spot potential

how to close the deal with those


how to do it all without making
yourself crazy 🙂


This is about learning how to do what you do
better, more efficiently, and increase the amount of money you make every

The InkBig  Direct Sales Business
Booster Mini Course
isn’t about blogging, facebook, and

It is about people.

And how by doing certain things daily, things
that take minutes, you can dramatically change the success you are achieving in
your direct sales business.

How it works:

You will receive a 40 page training that will
help you identify the importance of creating powerful systems in your business
that allows for:

1) better time management

2) getting it ALL done

3) making money by focusing on revenue
generating activities

4) my tips and tricks to get your customers to
BUY and potential recruits to sign up

5) creating events that make you

here is what others have had to say:

“from day one you have helped me
clarify what I need to do and how I am going to do it. For the first time in my
direct sales business I feel like I have a real plan”


“I keep reading what you send me
and saying, ‘she’s right, she’s right’. Just the change in my attitude has
created big changes inmy business. You are the higlight of my




So if you are looking to really change and
commit to a business that generates profits and gives you great flexibility,
this mini course is the answer.

$30 gets your the entire course to your inbox in less than 24 hours