This past week I was asked to cater a business event.


250 brownies

250 rice krispie treats

500 veggie cups


Now, I have done catering for this business before.

I really like to cook and enjoyed the "kitchen time".

And I was well compensated for my time.


But it was the wrong thing to do.


Right now my number one goal is to grow my direct sales consulting business.

That means a lot of research, writing, networking, phone calls, trainings….

all things I wasn't able to do for 3 days because I said yes to something else.


To be truly successful in direct sales you need to say no to a lot of other things.

When I started working my direct sales business full time I got lots of requests to help at school, church, go to coffee and lunch with friends, etc. I was "home" all day so I had plenty of time 🙂

At first I said yes, of course I wanted to be involved in all those things.


But my business didn't grow.

Then I decided I had big goals and was ready to commit to working my direct sales business like a business.

And I started saying no to those things that didn't allow me to focus my energy on my customers, hostesses, and downline.


I didn't say no to everything, but I thought long and hard before I said yes.


And what helped me make the transition was when I heard a speaker say,

 "The aren't calling you to make cookies for the bake sale because you make the best cookies. They are calling you because you always say yes."


And that year I earned the title of Demonstrator of the Year.


Keep your intentions, desires and dreams in front of you every day.

Let them guide you.

And know that if you say yes to something else, you are saying no to your business.


Be Inspired!



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