Pinterest is the new addiction of many!


People who are active on the site spend up to 2 hours a day looking at pins, curating their own pinboards, and sharing with friends.

How Hot is It?

* Unique visitors increased by 429% from September to December 2011

* Over 3.3 Million User Base

* Ranks above LinkedIn and Google+ in the top 10 Social Network List


Why Should You Care?

* User Base is 80% women

* Over Half of the Users are between 29-44 years old


Does that sound like people you and your Direct Sales business want to be in front of?

Well, yeah!!

Our EBook: "Marketing Your Direct Sales Business on Pinterest" will help you make the most of this newest and fastest growing social media tool.


Learn how to use Pinterest to build your on line brand, market your business, and create a loyal following of customers who help you build your customer base.

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I love this quote and think it does an awesome job when applied to your direct sales business and social media:

"No matter how small or big your business is, you need to embrace change and continue to innovate"


Be Inspired!


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