ok, those of you in direct sales listen up!


Yesterday I did a little experiment on my own newsletter subscribers. Each week I send out a FREE newsletter with tips on social media and direct sales, sign up here

I sent out the exact same newsletter with 2 different subjects.

One arrived to their inbox as "SEO, HUH?"

And the second came in titled as "The Key to Getting Your Blog Read"


you know what happened?

The newsletter entitled "SEO, HUH?" had 1/5 my normal readers in the first 4 hours.

The newsletter entitled, "The Key to Getting Your Blog Read" hit my normal reader number in 2 1/2 hours.


I know, Shut the Front Door!!!


and this is going to people who say they want to know more about social media.

So what's the big take away for everyone in direct sales?

Words matter.

My content was awesome! The article addressed how to be found by people who want to read what you are sharing and how to keep people coming back. Stuff you want to know, right?


But SEO sounds scary and intimidating.

I bet people saw it and thought,

 "hmmm, I better save that for another time when I can really concentrate/am ready for the fancy stuff/have my teenager who knows about this stuff nearby."


But "The Key to Getting your Blog Read" ….well that makes me say, c'mon, tell me, I want to know that!


It's kind of like hiding the aspirin in the spoonful of peanut butter.

So keep this near and dear to you as you write titles for classes, training events for your downline, opportunity nights, newsletters, and blog posts.

If you have great info, but no one is engaging, rewrite your titles and see what kind of magic you can create!


Be Inspired!


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