Every direct sales company has some of their focus on "leaders"


Often you need to have reached a certain milestone to be thought of as a leader. So many people in your downline, so much in group sales, etc.


But I am not sure that some of these qualifiers really ring true.


Because as soon as you have one person in your downline you are a leader.

One of my favorite leadership quotes has always been,

 "If you are leading and no one is following you're just taking a walk".


Lately I have been rethinking this.

A true leader doesn't just create strong followers.

A leader creates other leaders.


So here are the 4 steps to Creating Leaders:

1) don't just provide answers, provide tools and direction for your downline to find the answers themselves. If they are always depending on you for the answers it is impossible for them to lead anyone.


2) identify the strengths in your downline members and give them an opportunity to share what they are good at. I hate to break the news to you, but no matter how awesome your business is, you aren't the best at everything. Think of this as the old "the whole is greater than the parts". So find and highlight people who can compliment what you have to offer.


3) at downline events/trainings, delgate! When you put people in the position of sharing they will build confidence and others will view them as another strong group member to go to for support. They will become "a leader in their field" and will help them bridge the gap from follower to leader.


4) make sure your systems are duplicate-able. If your success is determined by your sparkling personality and not strong duplicate-able systems you are doomed to a legacy of being the only one who can provide leadership.


Building a strong team of leaders starts with your first recruit.

Spend time getting to know what they are good at, and provide them opportunities to shine


YOU can create the strongest downline and be a true leader TODAY, even if it is you and just your first recruit!


Be Inspired!



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