so tell me about your to do lists?


If you are like me it could be a conversation that goes on forever, because my to do lists can go on forever.


Sometimes I think I need to create a list of all the things I accomplished that weren't on my to do list. Why is it that list is always longer?


3 Steps to a Better To Do List

1) Make a Better To Do List

What are the big things that need to be accomplished this week?

In direct sales you can break down that list by events, hostesses, recruits, downline. You might have some additional ones depending on your business.

Now within those categories you will find follow-up, prep work, emails, phone calls, writing, post office trips, training, etc.

So each week, list your 4 big categories and then list what needs to be accomplished this week in each of those 4 categories.

Remember, not what you would like to do this week, but what NEEDS to be done


2) Schedule Time for Each Task

so I have my list in front of me. Now I need to determine how long each task will take. And be honest. If it is a 2 hour job, schedule 2 hours. You will make yourself nuts if you schedule just 1 hour.

Next I have to determine which day it needs to done. but don't last minute it. If you need to have your hostess packets in the mail by Thursday at 3 pm, don't schedule yourself to do it Thursday at 1 pm!

Plan ahead, don't procrastinate.

Remember, life happens and if you last minute Nelly everything you will cause yourself crazy amounts of stress!


3) Plan Each Day

So we know what we need to do, how long it will take and what day we are going to do it on.

So now we look at each day and determine WHEN these tasks will be done.

So my Wednesday might look like this:

7-9am:  Gym

9:  meet with potential recruit for coffee

10:  drop off hostess packets at post office

10:30: Grocery Shop

Noon: Lunch with Downline Member

1:30: Phone Calls to Next Week Hostesses

2 Pm: Email Check-In

3-7pm: Family Time

7:30- 9 pm Event Prep


You will need to fit your "life events" in with your "work events".

You need to eat, can you network/build relationships at the same time?

If I am out running house errands, I like to plan my business errands to be done at the same time.


One of my mantras is that you can make more money, but you can never make more time.

That means that time is the most important commodity in your life. Be intentional, own your life.

You will experience more success in both your personal life and home life when you control your time and it all starts with a better to do list


If this makes sense to you and you know you need help OWNING your time, then our 2013 Success Planner is key to helping you create success in your business and life!

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Be Inspired!



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