I don't know about you but there are times when I am not feeling very motivated. There are so many distraction out there: housework, kids, spouses, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills….


Working at home and being answerable only to yourself is a tough one. Only you know what is on your to do list and sometimes making yourself do it takes all the energy we can muster it.


The ability to work when we don't feel like it is the single determining factor of success in Direct Sales.

One of my favorite quotations is "inspiration is for amateurs"

To me that means that I can't wait to feel like being creative, productive, inspiring. I just have to work my plan EVERYDAY. The cloudy ones, the rainy ones, and the sunny ones.


So to keep yourself on track, eye on the prize, you need to know WHY you are doing this business.


Is it to be home with your kiddos?

To become debt free?

To be able to take an awesome vacation every year?

To afford getting your hair and nails done each month?

To put your kids thru college?

To support yourself?


There is no right WHY.

There is just YOUR WHY.


But you need to know it, claim it, keep it right in sight all the time.

Because without it you are like a leaf in the wind, being blown around with no sense of direction or purpose.


So today, right now, figure out your WHY and watch your business soar


Be inspired!


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