One of the speeches I gave at a Leadership Event was built around the 1 degree theory.

Water boils at 212 degrees

At 211 degrees it is just hot water


There are times when we feel like our business is "just hot water" and needs a 1 degree tune up to reach that boiling point


So the question is, What is your 1 degree difference?



When we look at our direct sales business and want to improve/change what we are doing we start to make lists of all the things we need to do differently.

We are going to call more people every day

We are going to do better hostess coaching

We are going to fine tune our presentation

We are going to do better follow up

We are going to write and send thank you notes

We are going to recruit more

We are going to do better training

We are going to offer downline incentives

We are going to do more events


I got tired just typing all those out!

So let's get real.

Very few people are going to be able to overhaul their entire business. It is too much change, too much to get our arms around. Which means we start out gung ho, ready to rock the wold and after a couple days we get overwhelmed and just go back to the same old ways.

And the worst part is that then we feel bad because we failed.


So pick one thing that will be your 1 degree difference and MASTER it.

Schedule it

Own it

Make it part of your everyday business.

And rock it.


If you decide to focus on hostess coaching, be the best at hostess coaching.

If you decide to focus on training, be the best at training.

Because if you do one thing with all your heart and intention it will make a difference in your business.

And it will make a difference in you.

You will feel successful.

You will be honoring your intentions.

And there is nothing that will boost your business like honoring and investing in what you think is important.


It is so easy to get sidetracked in Direct Sales.

But when you stay focused on your goals and fill your days with powerful actionable steps, you will develop confidence and you will have added that 1 degree difference that takes your business from "just hot water" to "boiling"


Be Inspired!


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