All of us in Direct Sales have numbers in our minds all the time.


What is our minimum?

How much to earn my downline override?

How many recruits do I need?


Numbers are a huge part of our direct sales business.

But do you really know your numbers?


How much in sales does your average party produce?

What is the average each person spends at a party?

What is the average each person in your downline sells each month?

What is the average of new recruits added to your group monthly?

What is the average number of recruits who promote to the first level?


Every direct sales professional needs to know their personal numbers and their company numbers.

If you don't know these numbers it is impossible to really own or track where you would like to be.

If you want to sell $1000 more each month and don't have this information you are probably working really hard in areas that have no bearing on the outcome.


I want you to be able to tell me:

my average customer spends 46.08 at an event

my average party is about $350

I have an average of 6 people place orders at each event

50% of our new recruits promote to senior associate


because when you know these numbers you can focus on changing them.

You can develop a plan to increase the average order by $10

You can develop a plan to increase the number of people who attend your events

You can develop a plan to help more recruits promote


and if you know your numbers you will be able to  know if your energies are producing the change you want

if you don't know your numbers, you are probably spending time on activites that aren't really helping you.

Which is wasted time. And I don't know about you but I have NO extra time to just throw away each day.

So this week figure out your numbers

Identify your number one goal.

Identify what exactly you need to do to reach this goal. EXACTLY

AND start tracking right now.

You will never know if the actions you are focused on are working if you are not tracking your numbers.


Be Inspired!




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