Studies show that more people accept new jobs in January than any other month of the New Year. Nothing like starting a new year to motivate people to start a new challenge.


So if you do not already have an opportunity event on your January calendar, get one NOW!


Chances are your direct sales company offers a special incentive for joining during the month of January. So make the most of it by getting your ducks n a row.


1) Dropped downline members

Make sure everyone of them knows what the incentive is, when it starts, and how to contact you to take advantage of it. They are familiar with the company and loved it enough to sign up once, so they just might be ready to come back


2) Hostesses

One of my most successful ways of communicating these types of offers is thru targeted emails.

"Because you are one of my hostesses, I want to be sure you know of the awesome sign up offer available this January…."


3) Big Spender Customers

They might love the opportunity to get their products at a discount. And remember, every customer has a shelf life. So be sure they sign up as a consultant before they expire!


Hopefully you have done your homework thru the year and had conversations with customers about why being a demonsrator in your business would be a great fit for them.

Because no matter how good the deal, if they can't see the benefit to them personally, chances are they will let this deal pass by.

Invest all year long in recruiting to be able to take advantage of the "hot times". there simply are no shortcuts when it comes to people.


Be Inspired!



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