Are you open for business?


In direct sales it is so important to be open for business all the time.

Since we don't have a set retail space or business hours, everywhere we go there are potential customers, hostesses and recruits. And we need to be ready to interact with them and give them the information they are looking for.

Now I 'm not a big fan of approaching people I don't know and handing out my information. I know I would be uncomfortable if people came up to me and just started handing out their information without some type of personal connection or a really good reason to share.


So, what is a good conversation starter?

How do we open the door to sharing what we love?


Well, being open for business means always having business cards, newslwetters, invitations to upcoming events, recruit materials, catalogs, etc with you.

And I like to carry them in what a I call a business bag. My business bag is a beautiful bag with my company name VERY prominenelty displayed.

Why does this work?

Well if you see my bag and say

"Oh, do you work for…"


"Oh my gosh, I love…."


"Hey, when does the new catalog come out…"


I can now talk to you about my business.

If you look at my bag and don't comment on it then I do not bring it up to you. It is obvious what I do, that I really love it, and I am proud of it. But I don't need to share it with everybody. I just need to be ready to share it with those who are open to the conversation.


Being open for business means creating opportunites to talk about what you do and being prepared for talking and sharing all of your business opportunites.

So schedule time this week to get your business bag together and be open for business.


Be Inspired!



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