We all want our customers to be excited about our products right?


Then why do we lead with $$ so much of the time?


"It's on Special!"

"Free Shipping"

"Get X free when you bring a friend"

"Sign up today and get Y free"


Do you hear yourself in that?


One of the things my customers always comment on is how excited I am about what I share with them.

"This is the coolest gift tag ever"

"I love this ribbon, I own it in every color"

"Oh my gosh, I use this every day, it just rocks!"


So when you plan your next event think about these 3 things:

1) What products do I truly love

If you sincerely are excited about what you are showing your customers, they will pick up on it. But don't fake it. That will never work.


2) What does my company offer that is innovative

Having unique products that can't be found anywhere else is the cornerstone to successful Direct Sales businesses. Use these products ALL THE TIME! Your customers can only get them from you which makes you special

3) What is new

Your customers want the newest products your company offers. NEW is exciting all the time.


So the next time you want to excite your customers, forget about doing it with a "discount".

Instead focus on what is new, unique, and you are passionate about


Be Inspired!



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