There are two things I hear Direct Sellers say that really get under my skin.


1) I didn't even know about the trip/incentive/etc, it just happened

2) I have no upline support/not enough upline support to be successful


Here is the truth:

1) You MIGHT fall into an award or incentive once, but trust me there are enough people in your direct sales company who are 100% committed to working their business everyday, that you will never compete with them by "accident"

And I really do think the people who say this are full of a smidge of baloney.


2) More importantly, no upline or GREAT upline will make you successful. There are plenty of direct sellers who have little to no upline support and achieve great success.


So what is a determining factor in direct sales success?

Creating a community of support

Here are 3 Ways to Build Your Community

1) One of the best ways to do this is building a community as you recruit. If you have a vision of what an upline should be, then be it.

2) Hang out with people you can share with. Reach out to demonstrators who are in the same position you are. You can learn together and cheer each other on.

3) Find a mentor. You will find that successful demos and consultants are very willing to share with you. Now some people might be stingy, thinking they are giving away the "secret" to their success. Stay away from those people, yuck.

But I was always willing to share everything I did (as you can tell by this blog) because I was pretty sure I would be willing to work harder than anyone else.


Build a Community of support.

In a community you will sometimes be the giver, sometimes the receiver. And both of these will create a stronger business for you and your community.


Be Inspired!


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