As some of you know we do a weekly free newsletter that focuses on using social media effectively in your direct sales business.


Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter are the areas we really focus on.

These are the big 3.

I think they give you a huge return on your time and are super easy to master. And that is important because your job is not social media, you job is selling, recruititng and training, right?


We are researching information right now on Pinterest and how it can be used to further your business. Those of us who are Pinterest addicts already know this baby is super fun and so addicting and truth be told can be a real time vampire if not managed well.

But can it help the profitability of your business?

We will keep you posted on what we find.


I am a huge believer in traditional face to face direct sales businesses.

I want to see my customers, interact with them, invite them into my home and visit theirs.

So when I talk about Social Media, it is in relationship to how it can support your traditional direct sales business.


So how does that work?

More and more people every day are using facebook, twitter, and reading blogs. Your customers and future customers are on line and you need to meet them where they are.

AND if you are interested in younger customers, those young professionals and young moms, you are hugely missing out  if you aren't on line.

You stay in front of them, add great value to their days, their interaction with you on line is seen by their friends who are on line, etc.

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And here is the number one rule of Social Media and Direct Sales:

Social Media is not free advertising. It is not "look what's on sale", "come to my event", "sign up today", "be a hostess and get more free goodies".

Seriously, everytime I see this I just want to scream, "no, no, no, you are hurting your business!"

Social Media is your chance to add real value to your customers lives by sharing and adding to their conversations . It is your chance to become an expert by freely sharing tips, techniques and ideas to make their experieince better.


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Be Inspired!



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