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We are celebrating as we are launching our newest training tool, our new E Book, "Direct Sales and Blogging: Make Your Blog Stand out from the Crowd"


This 38 page E book is full of tips, ideas, and how tos to make sure your blog stands out and helps you reach your business goals.

In this book we go over:

How to Create Your Blog as a Home Base

The 2 Big "S"s of Blogging

Over 60 Ideas for Posts that will Draw in Readers

Getting Your Followers to Be Your Biggest Cheerleaders

Google Search and SEO, What are these and how to OWN them

How to Create a Community on Your Blog

And of course, How to Be Sure Your Blog is Making Money For You!


If you are not blogging you are missing out on connecting with your customers and future customers.

If you are blogging but making some big mistakes, you are wasting your time and energy


So ask yourself, would I like to make more money in my direct sales busineess?

Is my blog currently making me money in my direct sales business?


For the price of a couple of lattes you can get all the tips and tricks to make sure your blog is on track, supporting your business, and making you money.


this 38 page book is yours for just 24.95,

and if you don't have our "Social Media and Direct Sales:Step Into the Spotlight" e Book you can bundle them for $35 for both.

I totally recommend this!

If you skip our Social Media book it is like skipping dinner and just eating dessert, you need the foundation

So email us at lisap53705@yahoo.com to get your copy today!


Be Inspired!


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