Want to really stand out in your Direct Sales business?

Well, I have the answer!

It's a little crazy and out there, so prepare yourself…..


Follow Up with Your Customers!



I can't even begin to tell you how few, if any, direct sales professionals I work with have a strategy for following up with their customers.


So someone purchases your product or hosts a party for you, what do you do next?

How about giving this a try:

1) Write a thank you note

Thank the person for their time, their purchase….We all talk about how important relationship building is in Direct Sales, but I am not sure a lot of us really walk the talk


2) A Follow Up Phone Call

Oh boy, not the dreaded phone!!!!

Yep, after your customers receive their product how about calling to make sure they got the right products, they know what to do with the products, and if there is anything they discovered they needed that they didn't get


Now if you bought a scrapbook kit from me and you got a thank you note letting you know I enjoyed meeting you and appreciated your order


I called you after you got your kit and said I just wanted to make sure you got the right product, do you have any questions about how to use it, is there anything else you need from me….

Would you think I was being pushy or I was providing good customer service?


Well, obviously it is good customer service.

So why is there so little of that in Direct Sales?


Set up a system for providing high quality customer service.

It will set you apart and it will make a huge impact on your business


Be inspired!



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