I just read an interesting article that stated 25,000 people join a Direct Sales company every day in the US.

That's 175,000 a week


750, 000 a month


Over 9 million a year


So how many people have you recruited in the past year?

Yeah, those numbers are pretty humbling.

We can look at that and think, "man, I just want a couple recruits"

But I think it really makes us look at ourselves and ask "how hard am I really working to recruit and build my team/downline?"


And I think most of us really have to own that we are not working as hard as we could.

And I will bet the single biggest thing that gets in our way is self doubt and fear.

What if they say no?

What if they think I am bugging them?


But look again at those numbers. Over 9 million people a year!

That is a lot of people.

Which means there are plenty of people who are saying yes.


So hear is what I did with that number:

I printed up an 8 1/2 x 11 with the number 9,000,000 on it and posted it in my office.

Everytime that self doubt starts to sneak in, and we all know it does, I look at that number and think, "all I need is one this week, that is so doable"


So commit to getting your  1 of the 175,000 this week.

They are out there, waiting for you to ask, waiting for you to believe they have what it takes.


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Be Inspired!



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