In my 12 years of direct sales business I have recruited A LOT of demonstrators. Some have had amazing success and some have, well, not had the easiest time.


This is not surprising right?

But what surprised me so much in the beginning was that those recruits who were determined to build a business were no more likely to achieve success than those who go in it "just for themselves"


Now there are lots of theories as to why this is. But rather than focus on why this happens, I like to focus on what to do with the information.


And here is what I determined very early in my business, and truly made the biggest difference in my award winning career.


Regardless of why someone signed up or what their initial goals were, I always trained them for the business.

I had what I called a "Roadmap to Success" and set all of my new recruits up on it.

It wasn't anything to tough, it was something every one could do.

It looked a little like this:

1) Send an email out to all your friends and relatives and let them know you are now a demonstrator, how to reach you, and how to place an order with you


2) Schedule an open house to share your product. My company had a title promotion and free product when they hit $1000 i n sales and I wanted to make sure they got that little tast of success right away


3) It is always fun to do something new with a friend, so get a friend, co-worker, family member to do it with you. Now they have a recruit and a partner in crime.


Once my recruits did these 3 things they have started to build a customer base, had the fun of being recognized for their efforts and shared the business opportunity.

Before they knew it they were well on their way to having a business, not just a hobby.


So don't let your recruit determine your training. Prepare everyone for success.


You never know who will be the rockstar, who will be the steady builder, and who will be on to the next shiny thing tomorrow.


Be Inspired!



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