A lot of direct sellers start out by selling to their family and friends. It makes a lot of sense. We are comfortable with them and they are oh so ready to support us.

But I always tell my recruits that the sooner they break away from the people they know the sooner they will start to build their business. We don't want our customers to be our customers because they "owe us". We want them to love our products.

So how do you get yourself and your products in front of new people?

1) Focus on Guests

Everytime you do a class focus on giving incentives to your guests to bring someone you don't know. All it takes is one new person to open the doors to a whole new group that you can focus on.

2) Who's New

When you are doing a workshop for a familiar group of people, always put your energy into the new person. The rest of the crowd is already a fan of you and your products, so focus on converting the new person. Find out what they do, how your products can help meet their needs

3) Focus on What You Can Do For Them

If our energy is focused on ourselves, we have these thoughts:

     "I need another workshop this month"

     "It would be awesome to host for this group"

     "I need to grow my customer base"

     "I need another recruit"

DO not focus on what YOU Need

Focus on what your client's need

Focus on how your products can help them

And the only way to do this is to get to know your potential customer before you start pitching your products.

Do they work with chidren?

Would their work environment benefit from a fun lunchtime event?

Are they a soccer mom looking to scrapbook their team?

Would a free class for their girl scout troop be of interest?


When you get to know your potential customers you can then customize an event or opportunity to meet their needs. 

They are not doing you a favor by hosting an event. You have something of great value to offer them because you have invested and listened to them.


Be Inspired!


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