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Meet Lisa – Your Business Mentor

I think of myself as a leader,
a trend setter,
part social media strategist,
part smart cookie business woman
and kum-ba-ya lover of life.

My goal is to help you dream big and back it up with concrete
trainings to create measurable results.

Podcast Episode #36: Time Hacks to Create Consistency in Your Business

"I'm too busy", "I don't have enough time"...heard these excuses? Or potentially used them yourself?  Most excuses are common, normal parts of life and it's important to remember that life will be event filled!  We will always have things on our calendar that take...

Podcast Episode #35: Mastering Your Business with Jamie Healy

You won't want to miss today's episode! Listen in as I interview Jamie Healy: corporate employee turned entrepreneur, yoga coach as well as a life and success coach.  We'll not only discuss Jamie's recent transition from the corporate world to starting her own...

Podcast Episode #34: The Key to Consistently adding New Customers

Let's talk about your business funnel. What does yours look like? Do you have a system in place?  Today I'll share my 5 tips to creating a funnel that will help you increase conversations, create value and land more sales!  Create 2 events per month via Facebook live...

Podcast Episode #33: The 3 C’s to Drive your Business

Today I'll build on our episode and the 3 P's: purpose, passion and persistence. If you missed that episode, catch it HERE.  In this episode we will cover the 3 C's to building a strong business: content, consistency, concrete systems. Working on any or all of these...

Podcast Episode #32: The 3 P’s of a Successful Business Mindset

Let's talk mindset! My 3 P's of a successful business mindset include: purpose, passion and persistence. Purpose: why are you doing this? When you know you’re why it changes everything! This could be financial security or to create a lasting impact. Without purpose we...


I am so glad that you have found your way here. Whether you are looking for support and encouragement for your direct sales business, exploring your options to make the change over to Clean Beauty, or indulge in Clean Crafted wine I look forward to spending time with you and sharing things that matter to us both.

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Clean Beauty

Your skin is your largest organ and what you put on it matters. So your skincare needs to be clean, and let’s be honest you want it to work. Enter the Ever Skin Care line. It follows strict EU standards, banning 1300+ ingredients and delivers clinical results, It is so revolutionary we even trademarked the word #Cleanical to describe what we offer to those looking to have the best skin of their life without the harmful ingredients. Take our Free Beauty Consult here.

Clean Crafted Wine

Have you ever had a glass of wine and woken up the next day feeling icky? That is because most wines contain synthetic pesticides, chemical additives and a boatload of sulfites. Scout and Cellar is a
new to market wine company that partners with farmers all over the world to create #CleanCrafted wines that have no bad for you additives, were farmed organically, and delivered in an eco friendly manner. See all that we have to offer and message me for your own Virtual Wine Tasting.

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My biggest wish is that this blog be a bright spot in your day. A place to learn, grow, ask questions and build community to support your journey in your direct sales business and your desire to live as cleanly as possible.


xoxo, lisa